Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gardening Season

Late yesterday I went out to the garden and to my suprise, I found that the asparagus was starting to come up. Unfortunately the dead foliage from last year was covering it plus the unseasonable heatwave had generated a lot of weeds that don't usually appear until May. So I spent Sunday afternoon clearing the asparagus bed, plus the rhubarb (which is also looking promising) and found that the tarragon, mint, oregano and garlic chives were also poking sprouts out of the ground. Of course, the garlic that I planted in the fall is also poking up. I went to Waterloo Gardens and bought arugula, dill, lettuce which I will get in the ground next weekend and edamame, which I will have to wait until May when danger of frost is past.


Sunday, April 4, 2010


A good part of the family came over for Easter Dinner today and the bunnies enjoyed their newly sodded mossgarden. The old one was looking sort of scrubby due to being burried in snow and then saturated with days and days of rain. Fortunately there was a healthy crop of moss under the deck, so I just laid it in on top. My grandaughter and daughter-in- law were very admiring. The Easter Egg hunt was also a big hit. Naomi got a lamby beanie baby and Reed got a monkey. Naomi confided that she hadn't brought her beloved lamb puppet because the lamb gets upset at the thought of lamb being served for dinner.
APJ talked about getting an IPAD (no suprise here) and AB about his horticultural endeavours. A good time noisy time was had by all, but we missed having ABJ and SJ here with us.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bunnies of the Week

Since ABJ is on holiday this week, I thought I would fill in (belatedly) for the Bunny of the Week with the cover of The New Yorker magazine we received yesterday.